Man abseiling
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PHAB Volunteering Community Bus Driving, Pick ups Drop offs and outings – Theatre/Seaside/Dinners

Avalon’s workforce are encouraged and supported to help local activities and good works. We not only allow employees time off to do these works but also run our own charity fund raising events.

Avalon tend to work in and around major cities and are part of the everyday hustle and bustle, abseiling is our living, but it is also a great medium to raise monies for local charities.

We have run charity abseiling days at the end of larger projects for our clients to promote their finished project and raise money for their chosen charity.

As many of our staff are interested in classic cars and motorbikes we have access to various vintage machines and use these to raise Avalon’s profile at rallies and events while at the same time again raising money for local causes.