About Avalon Abseiling

Maintenance, cleaning, building refurbishments and bird prevention works benefit from the use of rope access methods by not having to turn structures into conventional "building sites". This alleviates the attendant problems scaffold can bring, such as disruption to public access, and increased security risks.

Over the last four years Avalon Abseiling Ltd has evolved into a group of company's that can now deliver a specialised service package to our customers.


Avalon Abseiling is a member of the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) which ensures both safe and efficient means of practice and boasts an impressive record of low accidents. IRATA's independently-audited accident reports demonstrate that it’s training and operational work delivers the safest means of working at height.

The IRATA System

As a member of IRATA we employ the technicians who have learned their skills from the training companies of the Association. Unlike many trade associations it is not dominated and therefore influenced purely by manufacturers from its business sector.

The teaching of the IRATA syllabus enables rope access technicians to progress through three Levels of proficiency, with certification issued at each level. The IRATA technician carries a card that is recognized and admired around the world for its importance and value. The thorough, dedicated IRATA training programme delivers a skilled workforce that can reliably deliver a proven work-at-height method.