Avian Pest Control Services

Just a selection of services provided, please ask for any others.

  • Bird Netting - A discreet, effective and impenetrable bird deterrent
  • Bird Wire - An almost invisible tensioned bird wire system to protect the aestectics of your buildings
  • Bird Spikes - adaptive bird deterrent spikes are suitable as both pigeon deterrent & seagull deterrent
  • Bird Mesh Netting - galvanised and stainless steel bird mesh netting is more robust than traditional anti bird nets
  • Bird Scarers - bird control using stimuli that makes bird uncomfortable, bird scarers prove to be effective deterrents
  • Electric Bird Deterrents - AVISHOCK™ provides a new, harmless bird control solution, which modifies the behaviour of urban birds by touch
  • Falconry - natural falconry bird scarers and falconry bird deterrents
  • Bespoke Bird Deterrents - continuous liaison with architects, quantity surveoyrs, project managers and site management ensures effective bird deterrent solutions
  • Optical Bird Gel
  • Fouling Cleaning - bird fouling and mess cleaning
  • Seagull Deterrents - our seagull deterrent systems will create savings on cleaning and maintenance bills whilst still giving safe access to staff and clients
  • Pigeon Deterrents - we provide a variety of pigeon deterrent solutions including pigeon netting, pigeon traps and pigeon scarers
  • Snow Roof Guards – protect from dangerous large snow slides / fall
  • Contraband Netting – security netting securely fitted over courtyards
  • Tamper Resistant Bait Stations - For use externally, provides a first line of defence against rodents gaining access within your property. Avalon can supply, fit and maintain
  • Electronic Fly Killing Units - Ideal for kitchens and back of house areas - the UV light attracts flying insects that have gained ingress and destroys them safely and hygienically. Avalon can supply, fit and maintain
  • Fly screen window and doors - Stop flying insects gaining entry by protecting windows and doors – they still allow ventilation but prevent pest entry. Avalon can supply, fit and maintain
  • Rubbish and Fouling Clearances - Avalon are authorised disposers of all types of rubbish that can attract unwanted pests.

Before and After

Foul cleaning

Bird muck
Before foul cleaning
After Avalon have cleaned the bird muck
After foul cleaning
Bird foul covering the floor
Before foul cleaning
After foul cleaning
After foul cleaning