Benefits of Cavity Wall Insulation via rope access

  • Warmer Homes Homes will be warmer in winter as well as cooler in the summer (saving on heating, air conditioning and fans)
  • Savings on energy bills Save money immediately
  • Improved Energy Performance Certificate rating which could increase the value of the home
  • All works are covered by a 25 year CIGA (Cavity Insulation Guarantee Association) certificate. If the property is sold then the guarantee is transferable to subsequent owners
  • Reduce noise Insulation will also help to reduce noise from the outside

In an average flat approximately 35% of total heat loss is through its walls, installing Cavity Wall Insulation reduces this and could cut energy costs by around 15-20%.

Cavity Wall Insulation via rope access is up to six times quicker to install than using scaffold.

Less energy use will result in lower emissions of carbon dioxide (CO₂), a greenhouse gas that contributes to Global Warming.

To date Avalon Sustainable Energy Solutions has insulated over 38,000 high rise properties, we estimate that this will save over 500,000 tonnes of CO₂ throughout their life cycle.

Scaffold and platforms offer a perfect access for burglars to residents' windows and balconies, rope access is only used during working hours and never left unattended.

Ropes are taken away each afternoon with the abseilers leaving the site clean uncluttered and safe, unlike scaffold and platform machinery which attract children and in the past have had fatal consequences.