City West Homes / Enterprise Case Study

6 May 2011

Utilising SHESP Funding

Value £1.2m - completed in 2010-2011

Working through the Framework contractor Enterprise, Avalon Sustainable Energy Solutions successfully and on time installed Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI) measures to 2300 flats on behalf of City West Homes in Westminster, London.

Avalon assisted Enterprise with their bid for the works by sending out our experienced team of surveyors to inspect survey and ascertain the suitability of the stock for CWI and to look at the access requirements in order for Enterprise to submit the winning bid.

Using our abseil techniques to carry out the installs and minimising the access costs to the client meant that Enterprise were awarded the contract and the client getting approx. 50% more CWI works carried out rather than spending the budget on Mobile Elevated Work Platforms and scaffolding.

Our quick and easy approach to carrying out the works means that we could finish a 60 flat block in just over a week. Comparatively, it would probably take a week to arrange scaffold permits and get materials to site; and then take 3 weeks to erect. Another benefit is that no satellite dishes need to be taken down or moved for our works to take place.