Frequently Asked Questions

What else do you do other than window cleaning?

We are a multi skilled commercial rope access company with highly trained technicians that can carry out pointing and brick repairs. Painting and glazing replacements. Electrical work to name a few.

How safe is rope access?

Rope access is safer than other access methods with the lowest number of accidents for working at height / per working hours

How long will the job take for you to complete?

All of our our work is quoted for on a job by job basis, your Avalon representative will be able to give you an idea of timescales.

How do you protect equipment falling onto the ground below?

All tools and equipment are tethered to the technicians. Any additional equipment will have their own set of ropes attached for safety.

How do you communicate with the technicians?

We have radio communication between the abseilers on site as necessary.

How much does it cost?

We look at each job on an individual basis based on the type of work to be carried out as each project is unique.

How do you prove the work has been carried out against the instructions given?

The technicians will take photographic evidence of works carried out and present this with a job summary report. We can also use headcams and even video chat if required.

How do the technicians recover and deal with an emergency?

All abseilers are trained to carry out a snatch rescue. This is a method which falls within our ICOPS. Teams of 2 as a minimum working condition always in force including a Level 3 supervisor.

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